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August 21 2016

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August 20 2016

Cat, what's your opinion on the UK leaving the EU?
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August 16 2016

August 15 2016

July 28 2016

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July 26 2016

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July 23 2016

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Tower Bridge, London, 1889. Photo colored.
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July 20 2016

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July 16 2016

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July 15 2016

I don't recall who it was, but I remember a British M.P. who told one of his colleagues in the Parliament, "You, sir, are a shining wit. I'm sorry, that was spoonerism."
24 Sick Burns That You Can Feel All The Way Across History | Cracked.com
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July 14 2016

You'll never find... via b3ta.com board
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July 12 2016

July 10 2016

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July 08 2016

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