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March 06 2019

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March 05 2019

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February 28 2019

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February 22 2019

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February 20 2019

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February 17 2019

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February 16 2019

Benefits Assessment Bouncers (1972)

In 1972 the council of Scarfolk outsourced its sick and disability benefits assessment service to a team of nightclub bouncers. The bouncers broke into the homes of claimants in the dead of night, shone lights in their faces and screamed threats at them.

Claimants who were identified as frauds were thrown down their own stairs, often repeatedly, to ensure that their physical and mental conditions matched their claims.

Genuine claimants were offered a menu of euthanasia options of varying price and bullied into choosing the most expensive, the so-called 'Kill Pill', which also contained a mild explosive (see poster above). However, claimants did have the choice to nominate another family member who could commit suicide in their place.

People who refused to take their own lives were officially recategorised as "potentially hazardous biological litter"; they were consequently charged with self-fly-tipping and taken away in vast fleets of skips on the first Monday of every month.

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February 10 2019

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February 07 2019

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112 Year old door and Frame Completely striped down and repainted in Bedford with Dulux paints - 3 storey Victorian house
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Just finished Painting and Decorating this bedroom in Bedford - UK. This bedroom had not been decorated for over 30 years so it took some time effort to turn out as nice as it looks now. https://georgecoullpaintinganddecorating.co.uk
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Dining Room completely Redecorated in Bedford - UK Check out my website for more details - https://www.georgecoullpaintinganddecorating.co.uk
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This weeks Painting and Decorating I finished on Friday, Customer extremely happy
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Interior Painting and Decorating by George Coull Painting and Decorating
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